3 ways to rebuild your trust in delivery companies.

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Sending a package often feels like taking a leap of faith. How do you know which delivery company is right–available, affordable, trustworthy?

Being confused about an answer seems absurd in this age of information. When we look at the big delivery firm’s websites it’s obvious that they don’t cater for the individuals, but for businesses. Thus no clear information is provided for us (except for a list of ridiculous prices). So, what do you do when you want to send your sister a box of your home-made cookies–those that you bragged about on Instagram and now she’s crying that she hasn’t had them in over one year and a half. Let’s say, in theory, because a pandemic kicked in and you weren’t allowed to travel. Well… you probably don’t send them. Or, if you do, you use an obscure delivery firm you found on Facebook, which does the service for a reasonable price. There’s no certain guarantee about when, or if, they’ll get there–but heck it, they’re just cookies.

DROPio believes in the small couriers, even if they are occasional ones (hi, uncle Dan! who used to bring me my sister’s cookies. Those that I’m craving now–can you tell?). We even believe in the big guys, if your parcel and needs fit their market.

We also see that your trust issues are completely justifiable. The whole business is opaque, confusing, and difficult to find information about.

We have devised a 3-point plan that will help you ship your parcels with confidence.

1. Be able to easily check and compare price and availability, before committing.

DROPio connects you with all the registered DROPio couriers available to pick up the parcel and deliver it to the destination. They could be moving by personal car, by cargo car, or by bike. The way your parcel will travel is transparent to you from the start, without dubious transfers or roundabout routes. You choose the courier–based on rating, price, time to the destination–they pick it up and off it goes to see the world.  

2. Be able to check-in and communicate directly with your courier.

Remember when last mile tracking used to feel like a benefit?

We believe you should be aware of your package’s location and its e.t.a. at any time. Thus, we made sure you can be.

Furthermore, if something unpredictable goes wrong, you will be notified with priority. The app allows you to contact the courier at any time during the trip.  No more being stuck at home for 3 days for a package that was supposed to arrive yesterday. 

 3. You have a review-based system that ensures the quality and speed of your delivery.

When a courier works for a big delivery firm, they are often overcrowded and their work and contribution get lost in the anonymity of the brand name. With DROPio, each delivery is a personal delivery. You know each other’s names. You’ve been stalking them for the past day, excited for the parcel to arrive. They know it’s a birthday gift so they will deliver it with a smile and a complimentary ‘Happy birthday!’.

Delivery is a rewarding, essential job, whose value often gets lost in the unpredictability of the profession.

DROPio uses the tools of the digital age to cut out the unnecessary bureaucracy, clear the air, and bring together the only 3 people essential to the job–the sender, the courier, and the happy receiver.

Download the DROPio app and make a surprise delivery to a dear friend. The one you haven’t seen in over a year and a half. Send them some home-made cookies.


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