Inspired by the tradition of helping friends to transport goods, we built a platform to make delivery safe, reliable, and sustainable. We empower people to share and lend a helping hand. We use an existing infrastructure—the trips being taken at any moment—to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries.

Sharing is easy when everyone has flexible delivery options. We optimize pickups and drop-offs by helping you choose the courier that best suits your needs. We seek to offer a seamless delivery experience, respecting both the environment and the people involved in the process.


The project was born after Eduard, our founder and CEO, became an expat in Austria. While moving, he realized there’s no delivery company he can trust (or afford) to transport some of his more fragile belongings. Thus, he did what any Romanian would do. He contacted his community to see if someone he trusts has any trips planned around Vienna and is kind enough to help him with the delivery.

After several years of experience working in supply chain management, he decided to apply his knowledge (and his social practicality) to create a people-to-people delivery service.

We are now a growing team of delivery, technology and customer service enthusiasts. And we are committed to being that community you can always count on for your delivery needs.

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