Cooperation and service supply agreement

General terms and conditions


  1. Subject matter of the agreement

The current state of affairs of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L, located in Harau Village 38, Hunedoara is that of developing and owning an online platform for shared use of services available on the website https://dropio.app/ or through a mobile app designed to connect drivers (hereinafter referred to as “couriers”) reaching a specific destination with possible customers wishing to ship a certain amount of goods to the same point of arrival, in order to allow the shared use of the services and therefore, the related costs as following: by mutual acceptance of the terms and conditions aimed at governing the access and use of the above mentioned platform, the contracting parties will deliberately understand and agree upon the fact that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L is not part of any agreement, contract or contractual relation of any kind between the members of the platform but only a host or an online market within which these transactions occur. The transport contract terms shall strictly cover the contracting parties while the online platform is only hosting and managing the supply and demand in this regard.


By clicking “Connect with Facebook” or “Log in with email address” you therefore agree that you have read and accepted the general terms and conditions.


  1. Terms and definitions

Post transport rides – couriers post a new available transport ride on the platform


T&C – terms and conditions

Account – each user needs to create an account in order to be a member of the platform and access its services

Facebook Account – see Art. 3.2

Courier – the platform user offering his/her vehicle and related info (size, volume, weight) in order to transport goods/parcels belonging to other customers in exchange of a certain cost contribution at a certain time chosen by himself/herself

Booking confirmation – see Art. 4.2

Membership content – see Art. 11.2

Member – each user who created an account on the platform

Customer – the member whose goods/parcels will be transported by the courier or by case, the person on behalf of which a member booked the transport

Cost contribution – the amount of money requested by the driver and accepted by the customer for the transportation of his/her goods/parcel

The seat – the space/area reserved by the customer in the courier’s vehicle intended for the transportation of goods/parcels.

Platform – see Art.1

Booking – see Art. 4.2

Services – every service provided by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L throughout the platform

Website https://dropio.app/

Section – see Art. 4.1

Transport ride – the ride posted on the platform by a courier, offering to transport the goods/parcels of the customer in exchange of cost contribution

  1. Log in and create an account


3.1. Log in conditions

The platform can be used by people over the age of 18. Registration on the platform by a minor is strictly prohibited. When accessing, using or registering on the Platform, you declare and guarantee that you are over 18 years old.



3.2. Create an account

The platform allows members to post or see available transport rides and connect with each other in order to book a seat and choose the best option for delivery. Nevertheless, posting a ride or booking a seat without creating a member account is not possible.

How to create an account:

  • Fill in the mandatory fields on the registration form;
  • Connect to your Facebook account throughout the platform. By choosing this method, you agree that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L will send notifications and use personal data from Facebook in order to create the account. You can choose to disconnect your Facebook account at any time, by clicking the “Verification” tab in your profile. For more details about the use of personal data, see Annex 1 regarding Privacy policy.
  • In order to log in you have to read and accept the T&C and the Annex 1 regarding Privacy policy

By creating an account, you agree to provide accurate information and update it throughout the platform or by notifying DROPIT CENTER S.R.L in order to guarantee the relevance and accuracy of the data within the contractual process.

In case you choose to log in via email address, you agree to keep your password private and don’t disclose it to third parties. If you forget, lose or disclose the password you commit to notify DROPIT CENTER S.R.L immediately. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L does not take responsibility of any fraudulent attempt to use your password by third parties if not notified accordingly.

What is more, you agree to create a single account using your identity or the identity of a third person. In order to be transparent, improve your trust and prevent or identify fraud, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may install a system to verify some of the information you have provided in your profile. This is especially the case when you enter your phone number or provide an identity document, thus accepting that any reference to “verified” information or another similar term on the platform, only means that a member has successfully gone through the existing verification procedure and allows you to find out more information about other members you are considering collaborating with for delivery. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L cannot guarantee the veracity, reliability or validity of the information throughout the verification procedure nor does it take any responsibility in this respect.

  1. The use of services


4.1. Posting transport rides

As a member, provided you meet the requirements below, you can create and post ads on the platform by entering information about the ride you intend to take (date/time, meeting and arrival points, details about the seat, goods/parcels, prices, etc.).

When posting a ride/ad, you can add the main cities/locations you agree to stop in for delivery, where to collect the parcel from or where to deliver it. Parts of the ride between these main cities/ locations or between one of the main cities/locations and the meeting/arrival point are referred to as “sections”.

In order to post a transport ride, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Own a valid driving license;
  • Post rides/ads only for vehicles in your own property or used with express approval by the owner. In any case, you are authorized to use them for the purposes of this contract;
  • You are and remain the only driver of the vehicle listed in the above mentioned post;
  • The vehicle has valid insurance against damage to a third party;
  • The vehicle intended for the ride is a 4-wheel vehicle with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3,5 tons or a 2-wheel vehicle, such as bikes or motorbikes;
  • The respective vehicle must be in running order, comply with all legal requirements and customs in force and have an up-to-date PTI (periodical technical inspection) certificate.

You agree that you are the only one responsible for the specific post on the platform. Therefore, you declare and guarantee the accuracy and veracity of the information from your post and commit to deliver accordingly.

By respecting the T&C, your ride will pe posted on the platform and be visible for all members of the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. platform.

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, not to post or to remove, at any time, any ad that does not comply with T&C or that could harm its image, the image of the platform or of its services.

You agree and accept that based on its own criteria, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to choose the classification and display order of your ad among other ads.

4.2. Booking a transport ride

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L implemented an online booking system.

The eligibility of a transport ride for the booking system remains at the exclusive choice of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L which reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.

When a customer is interested in a transport ride, he can request to book it online. The request is either automatically accepted (if the courier has chosen so when posting the ride) or manually, by mutual agreement between courier and customer regarding cost contributions. After validation, the customer receives booking confirmation.

In case of manually accepted requests, the courier must confirm any booking within a certain timeframe specified by the customer. Otherwise, the booking request will expire automatically.

4.2.1. The nominal seat booking and terms of services use on behalf of a third person

Any use of services, either as a customer or as a courier must be completed according to T&C. Both the courier’s and also the customer’s identities must be in correspondence with the member profiles created for DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. Members are nevertheless allowed to book one or more seats (intended for goods/parcels transportation) on behalf of third parties as well. In this case, when booking a ride as a customer, you commit to provide exact details to the courier, such as: name, age and phone number of the person on behalf of which the seat is to be booked, you, as a customer, being in charge of the payment. Posting a ride for another courier apart from you is prohibited.




4.3. Rating system


4.3.1. How it works

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L offers the possibility of rating the courier (as a customer) or the customer (as a courier) you shared services with. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to rate another member you didn’t/shouldn’t collaborate with, or another customer if you are registered as a customer.

4.3.2. Alteration

You agree and accept that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right not to post or simply delete any ratings, questions, comments or answers that may violate the T&C.

4.3.3. Limit

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to suspend your account, limit your access to the platform or terminate the T&C if the average rating you received is less than or equal to 3 stars.

4.4. General terms for goods/parcels delivery

For the delivery of goods/parcels, the customer enters into a delivery agreement directly with the courier. The delivery agreement is deemed to be concluded from the moment that the order for delivery of the goods/parcels is confirmed by the courier via DROPIO App or website.

By operating the DROPIO App, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L acts only as a provider of the information society service and is not a party to the delivery agreement. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L is not the provider of the delivery services, and is not liable in any way for the performance under the delivery agreement. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L does not supervise, direct or control the manner in which the delivery of goods/parcels is carried out by the courier.

DROPIO App may not be used for ordering deliveries of packages containing goods that have not been approved by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L (“Excluded Packages”) as eligible for DROPIO App. Excluded Packages include:

  • goods that do not fall into package size limits 65 x 55 x 40 cm or goods that weigh more than 20 kg, if the vehicle used is a personal car, bike or motorbike. The size and weight may exceed limits in case of vehicles specially intended for package delivery;
  • animals, human beings and other living or dead creatures, including their parts, remains, fluids or substances derived from products originating from animals, human beings or other creatures;
  • firearms and their parts, ammunition, melee weapons, other items specially designed for attack and defense (knuckles, stilettos);
  • flammable, combustible, explosive and radioactive or other ionizing substances, munitions, gas, infectious, poisonous or corrosive materials which by their nature may pose danger to the environment;
  • drugs and other psychotropic substances which are subject to special control in accordance with the legislation;
  • food, alcohol beverages, ethyl alcohol, high-octane oxygen containing impurities, tobacco;
  • other items that are not allowed to be delivered, transported by law and items that cannot be transported, delivered without additional licenses, permits, approvals etc.

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L recommends you not to deliver original identity documents, vehicle/property keys, medical certificates, jewelers, mobile phones, or goods, the value of which exceed 300 EUR.


  1. Financial conditions


5.1. Cost contribution between users

The cost contribution is specifically set by the courier, at his own risk. Using our platform for personal purposes, other than the ones stipulated in the T&C is strictly prohibited. Therefore, you, as a courier, agree to limit the cost contribution requested from the customer, based on the costs level specifically incurred by the realization of the transport ride. Otherwise, you will be the only one bearing the risks of reinterpreting the completed transaction through the platform.

When posting a transport ride, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L suggests a certain value for the cost contribution, taking into consideration the nature of the specific ride and the specific distance. This value is simply given as a recommendation. It is strictly up to you if the price is higher or lower, so that it is in accordance with the actual costs incurred by the specific ride. In order to avoid abuse, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L limits the possibility of adjusting the cost contribution.

5.2. Rounding off the cost contribution

You agree and accept that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may, at its own discretion, round off the cost contribution.

5.3. Cost contributions to the courier

When you, as a customer, choose the online payment option, you therefore grant DROPIT CENTER S.R.L direct debit authorization for the cost contribution on your behalf and in your account.

As a customer, you authorize DROPIT CENTER S.R.L to store the amount of money due to the courier during transport, in the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L bank account. Only when the transport is over and you confirmed receipt of the goods/parcels, the specific amount would be transferred to the courier on your behalf.

As a result, after manual or automatic booking approval, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L will collect the cost contribution due to the customer.

The cost contributions collected by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L are stored in an account intended for payments to the couriers.

None of the payments collected by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L in the name of and on behalf of the courier is established with an interest claim. You agree to conscientiously answer any questions set by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L or more generally, by any administrative authority or court responsible in particular for preventing or combating money laundering. What is more, you are ready to provide proof of your address and/or identity upon first request.

Failing to do so gives DROPIT CENTER S.R.L the right to take any action deemed appropriate, such as freezing the amounts paid and/or suspending your account and/or in serious cases, terminating the contract between you and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L.

After goods/parcels delivery, the customers have 24 hours to submit a complaint to DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. regarding the courier or the goods/parcels. If no complaint is registered during this time, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. would consider the transport ride confirmed.

At the time of express or implied confirmation, as a customer, you need to have a payable credit balance in your account. This credit corresponds to the cost contribution paid upon booking confirmation.

As a courier, you have the option to instruct DROPIT CENTER SRL to transfer funds to your bank account (by entering your bank details in your account in advance).

Payments to the couriers would always be made after 7 working days after confirmation and delivery of the goods/parcels from the customer.

The courier undertakes no claim of any payment, wholly or in part, of the cost contribution before completing the transport ride.

5.4. Cost contribution from users to DROPIT CENTER S.R.L.

Besides the cost contributions mentioned in Article 5.1 and 5.3, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. reserves the right to charge the customer as an individual with an additional fee of 8% from the transport costs, in order to host and manage the supply and demand and the use of services on the platform. For customers, as legal entities, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. reserves the right to charge an additional fee of 15% from the transport costs. When it comes to couriers, as individuals DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. reserves the right to charge an additional fee of 12% from the transport costs, in order to host and manage the supply and demand and the use of services on the platform. For couriers, as legal entities, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. reserves the right to charge an additional fee of 15% from the transport costs.

5.5. Refund


There are 3 main conditions to be taken into consideration:

  1. In case of cancelling the ride later than 12h after confirmation, we reserve the right to keep 25% of the ride cost and transfer it to the courier and keep 3% as DROPIO fee;
  2. In case of cancelling the ride in less than 12h after confirmation, we reserve the right to keep 50% of the cost ride and transfer it to the courier and keep 3% as DROPIO fee;
  3. In case of cancelling the ride after confirmation and not showing up for delivery, we reserve the right to keep 100% of the cost ride and transfer it to the courier and keep 3% as DROPIO fee.




In case of cancelling the ride, the fee paid by the courier would be refunded.

After 3 ride cancellations in a row, we reserve the right to block the courier’s account.


  1. Non-commercial purposes of the services and platform

You agree to use the services and the platform for sole connection to couriers/customers, on a non-commercial basis. As a courier, you agree to request a cost contribution not greater than the real costs incurred, or that could generate profit, considering the fact that in the context of sharing costs you, as a courier, must bear your own part of the costs related to the specific ride. You are solely responsible for calculating the costs incurred and for ensuring that the amount charged from the customers does not exceed the costs actually incurred (excluding your share of the costs).

You agree to provide DROPIT CENTER S.R.L, upon request, with a copy of your vehicle registration certificate and/or other document certifying that you are authorized to use the respective vehicle on the platform without considering any side profits.

As a matter of fact, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to suspend your account, limit your access to services or terminate the T&C, in case if your activity on the platform might suggest in any way a personal profit situation, considering the nature of the transports, their frequency, the number of customer requests or cost contributions.

  1. Cancellation

When cancellation is done by a customer before departure, the seat/driver would automatically become available for other customers who can also book it online, when meeting the T&C accordingly.

When cancellation is done by the courier no later than 12 hours before pick-up, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded. If the courier didn’t show up or he/she will do the cancellation in less than 12 hours, more than 3 times in row, without any well-founded reason, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to suspend the account or terminate the T&C, temporarily or permanently, based on the gravity of the events.

When cancellation is done by the customer no later than 12 hours       before pick-up, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded in precent of 75%. If cancellation is done by the customer in less than 12 hours, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to impose a fine on the customer, consisting of 50% of the transportation costs. If the client didn’t show up, we’ll compensate the courier the full client contribution. It’s not fair for couriers to be kept waiting, so it’s best that the clients cancel their booking beforehand.

If the cancellation is done in less than 12 hours, more than 3 times in row, without any well-founded reason, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to suspend the account or terminate the T&C, temporarily or permanently, based on the gravity of the events.


  1. Conduct of members and platform users


8.1. Obligations of platform users

You agree that you are solely responsible for complying with any applicable laws, regulations and obligations while using the platform.

What is more, you commit:

  • not to use the platform for professional, commercial or profit purposes;
  • not to provide false, misleading, malicious or fraudulent information to DROPIT CENTER S.R.L (especially when creating or updating your account) or to any other member of the platform.
  • not to behave in any way, nor post any content on the platform that might be considered defamatory, harmful, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, offensive, aggressive, inappropriate, violent, threatening, harassing, racist or xenophobic, that might have sexual connotations that incite to violence, discrimination or hatred, that might encourage the use of illegal substances, or more generally, that are contrary to morals or to the purposes of the platform, or that could violate the rights of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L or of any third party;
  • not to violate the rights and the image of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L, not to mention its intellectual property rights in particular;
  • not to create more than one account on the platform by using the same credentials and or on behalf of a third person;
  • not to attempt to circumvent the platform’s online booking system, in particular by attempting to provide your contact details to another member in order to book the transport outside the platform;
  • not to contact any other member, especially through the platform, for any purpose other than the one stipulated in the T&C;
  • to comply with T&C and Annex 1 regarding the Privacy Policy.


8.2. Obligations of couriers

When using the platform as a courier, you commit:

  • to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes for driving the respective vehicle, to have a liability insurance valid at the time of the transport in particular and to own a valid driving license;
  • to verify that your insurance covers the shared use of the services and that the goods/parcels of the customers are covered by your insurance throughout transportation, even if the border is crossed;
  • to post ads related only to actual transport rides;
  • to carry the transport ride exactly as described in the ad and honor the specific time and place agreed with other members (especially departure and arrival points);
  • not to carry more goods/parcels than agreed with other members (in the ad);
  • that the respective vehicle must be in running order, comply with all legal requirements and customs in force and have an up-to-date PTI (periodical technical inspection) certificate.
  • to provide DROPIT CENTER S.R.L with your driving license, your car registration certificate, insurance policy, PTI certificate and any other document proving your ability to use the vehicle as a courier on the platform;
  • to register as sole proprietor or self-employed after carrying out more than 10 transport rides in a row within a month;
  • not to be subject to a driving ban (for medical reasons, for instance);
  • not to drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that may affect your vision, mood or alertness during transport;
  • to immediately inform the customers in case of breakdown or change of time or location;
  • in case of a cross-border transport ride, to keep and provide any document proving your identity and your right to cross the border to the customers and to any authority that may request it;
  • to comply with the laws of each country you stop in or transit;
  • to wait for the customers at the specific meeting point at least 30 minutes after the established timeframe, both for the reception and also for the delivery of the parcel;
  • not to post an ad for a vehicle that is not in your property and to make sure that you have the ability to transport goods/parcels (enough space, damage protection in case of accidents, and so on);
  • that the vehicle and the driver must remain the same during the entire transport ride. Failing to do so, gives DROPIT CENTER S.R.L the right to penalize you or suspend your account without any notice;
  • to make sure that the goods/parcels are safe during the transport ride and delivered in the exact same conditions you received it, without any damage;
  • to make sure that the customer can reach you on the phone number you provided on the platform;
  • to use the GPS integrated on the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L platform;
  • not to make any personal profit throughout the platform;
  • not to decline a transport ride based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, physical appearance, pregnancy, special vulnerability due to economic situation, name, place of residence, health, political opinion, age.


8.3. Obligations of customers

When using the platform as a customer you commit:

  • to immediately inform the courier of any delay;
  • to pay the agreed cost contribution to the courier;
  • to wait for the courier at the specific meeting point at least 30 minutes after the established timeframe;
  • to provide DROPIT CENTER S.R.L or the courier that might request it with your identity card or any document that proves your identity;
  • not to hand over for transport goods/parcels, such as illegal substances, guns, cigarettes, animals or valuable objects, (see Article 4.4 above) that could disturb the driving and concentration of the courier or whose nature, possession or transport is contrary to the European legal provisions in force;
  • to make sure that the courier can reach you on the phone number you provided on the platform;
  • to make sure that the recipient of the goods/parcels is available and can be reached by you, by the courier or by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L.

In case of booking one or more seats (intended for the goods/parcel transportation) on behalf of third parties, you ensure that the third parties comply with the provisions of Article 4.2.1 above and of the T&C in general. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to suspend your account, to limit your access to the services or to terminate the T&C in case of violation of their conditions by the third party on behalf of which you have booked the seat (intended for goods/parcel transportation).


  1. Suspending accounts, limitation of access and cancellation

You can cancel your DROPIO account at any time, at no costs and for no reason. To do this, simply go to Settings – “Delete account” tab on your profile page.

In the event of violation of the T&C, of your obligations as a member referred to in Articles 6 and 8 above, or in case of exceeding the limit mentioned in Article 4.3.3 above, in order to prevent fraud or further investigations and protect the safety and integrity of its own, its members or of third parties, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L reserves the right to:

  • terminate the T&C that connects you to DROPIT CENTER S.R.L immediately and without prior notice;
  • prevent posting or removing ads, ratings, messages, content, booking requests;
  • limit your access and use of the platform;
  • temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

You will nevertheless be notified, if necessary, so that you can offer a proper explanation of the facts and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L will decide, at its own discretion whether to maintain or lift the measures put into practice.

  1. Personal data

In the context of your use of the platform, the DROPIO platform will collect and process some of your personal data. By using the platform and registering as a member, you agree and accept the processing of your personal data by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L in accordance with the applicable laws and the provisions of Annex 1 of this contract regarding the Privacy Policy.

  1. Intellectual property


11.1. Content posted by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L

Except for content provided by its members, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights regarding services, platform, its content (texts, images, drawings, logos, videos, sounds, data, graphics), as well as the software and database ensuring its well-functioning.

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L grants you a non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable right to use the platform and the services, for your personal and private use, on a non-commercial basis and in accordance with the purposes of the platform and of the services.

You are prohibited from any other use or exploitation of the platform and services, as well as its content without the prior written consent of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. The following actions are therefore prohibited:

  • reproduction, modification, adaptation, distribution, public representation and dissemination of the platform, services and content, with the exception and express approval of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L, plagiarism and reverse-engineering of the platform and services;
  • extracting or attempting to extract (by using data mining robots or any similar data collection tools) a considerable amount of the platform’s database.


11.2. Content posted by users

In order to provide services in accordance with the purpose of the platform, you grant DROPIT CENTER S.R.L a non-exclusive license to use your personal data and content (hereinafter referred to as “membership content”). In order to allow DROPIT CENTER S.R.L to share and publish your content on the platform, via digital networks (especially internet and mobile networks) in addition to any communication protocol, you therefore authorize DROPIT CENTER S.R.L, globally, throughout your entire membership duration, to render, represent, adapt, and translate the membership content as follows:

  • render wholly or partially, on any digital environment by registration and on any server, hard disk, storage card or other equivalent environment in order to back-up, storage, transmission or download any action carried on the platform and its services;
  • adapt and translate your membership content and render it on any current or future digital environment mentioned above. What is more, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L can change the format of your membership content by absolutely taking into consideration your moral rights and also complying with the graphic design and technical compatibility of the platform.



  1. The role of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L

The platform is an online network where members can create and post transport ads for the purpose of using shared services. These ads can be viewed by every DROPIO user that seeks a parcel transportation ride.

By using the platform and accepting the T&C, you agree that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L is not part of any agreement between you and other members with the purpose of sharing cost contributions.

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. has no control over the conduct of members and users of the platform. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. does not own, operate, supply or manage the vehicles posted in the ads and does not provide any transport ride on the platform.

You agree and accept that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. does not control the validity, veracity or legitimacy of the ads, seats or transport rides. As a mediator in the process of sharing the use of services, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. does not provide any transportation service nor does it act as a transport partner; its main role is that of facilitating the access to the platform. The members (couriers or customers) act on their own responsibility.

As a mediator, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for further events related to a transportation ride, such as:

  • misleading information communicated by the courier in his/her ad or by using any other means related to the ride and its terms;
  • cancellation or modification of a member transport ride;
  • non-payment of the cost contribution by the customer;
  • the member’s conduct during, before or after the transport ride;
  • damage, theft or loss of the transported goods/parcels, these being fully covered by the courier and/or his/her insurance policy, considering the contractual clauses mentioned in the T&C;
  • transport of illegal substances, guns, cigarettes, animals or valuable objects (see Article 4.4. above).





  1. Operation, availability and functionality of the platform


DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. makes an effort to keep the platform accessible 24/7. Nevertheless, the access to the platform might be temporarily suspended, without any prior notice, due to technical maintenance, migration or updating settings or due to interruptions or constraints related to network services.


What is more, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. reserves the right to modify or suspend, wholly or partially, the access to the platform or its settings, at its own discretion, temporarily or permanently.


  1. Modification of the T&C

The T&C and reference documents represent the agreement between you and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. regarding the use of services. Any other document, term or estimated price mentioned on the platform is strictly used as guidance. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. can change the T&C in order to adapt to its technical and commercial environment and to abide by the legislation in force. Any modification to the T&C will pe published on the platform, mentioning the date of entry, followed by a notification to its members before taking effect.

  1. Applicable law – Litigations


The T&C are written in English and are subject to Romanian law in compliance with EU directives.


In case you have complaints about the platform or services, you can submit them on the online Dispute Resolution Platform of the European Commission, available here. The European Commission will forward your complaint to the competent national authority. In accordance with the mediation rules, you must send a written notification to DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. before any mediation request, regarding any dispute or misunderstanding in order to reach amicable settlements.





Privacy policy




  1. Overview


Acting as a data controller, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L, located in Harau Village 38, Hunedoara is committed to protect your privacy; this document is therefore drafted so that you be aware of practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information provided throughout the website (https://thedropit.app) or on the mobile app.

This privacy policy (together with the T&C and any other document referred to therein) is based on personal data processing by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. Please read the following guidelines carefully in order to understand the above-mentioned practices and the way they are handled.

  1. Information types and timeframes


You agree and therefore accept that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. can collect and process the following data:


2.1. Your personal data


  • the information you provide us with, including personal data, collected as a result of the platform use, by filling in the registration form, participating to any promotion or survey, phone or email correspondence or reporting issues;
  • mandatory information required in order to become a member and use the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. services, such as: name, email address, date of birth, phone number and password. Failing to provide accurate pieces of information leads to the inability to create a user account and therefore access the platform.

2.1.1. Photo

2.1.2. Mailing address

2.1.3. Vehicle description

2.1.4. Mini-biography

2.1.5. Records of any correspondence between you and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L.

2.1.6. Records of any booking history or ads you posted on the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. platform

2.1.7. Bank details or financial transactions including transactions made throughout other platforms, such as: payment card or bank account details, transactions for transport rides between locations or sections

2.1.8. Your answers to any surveys or questionnaires, such as customer reviews or courier ratings. This kind of information has analytical purposes and is also user friendly

2.1.9. Any information required as a result of reporting issues or assistance requests

2.1.10. Location

2.1.11. Passport, driving license, identity card or any other useful documents

2.2. Automatically collected data

2.2.1. When using authentication methods throughout social networks, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. will access certain personal data (such as: name, surname, photo, email, number of friends on Facebook, etc.) already existent on your social account, in accordance with the valid terms and conditions of the respective networks. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. may also collect some of your personal data when you interact with third parties by means of social media features, such as the “Like” button.

2.2.2. Any visit on the DROPIO platform may lead to gathering information about your devices and networks while using the DROPIO services, naturally in accordance with the applicable law and with your personal consent, when necessary. For instance: user address, login information, browser type and version, operating system and platform, ad identifier, visit history, number of URL clicks throughout the DROPIO platform, most viewed or searched products, download errors, visit duration on certain pages, interactions, or any telephone number used to reach our customer support details. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. collects this type of information by means of various technologies, including Cookies.

2.2.3. As a matter of fact, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. also collects data about your activity on the DROPIO platform (such as, transport rides history, message response rate). Such information may be posted on your public profile on the DROPIO platform.

2.3. Data retention

2.3.1. Except for personal data categories mentioned in Articles 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 below, your personal data will be retained throughout your membership duration and then taken out of use as following:

  • 5 years after your last use of the platform, if you haven’t deleted your account;
  • 1 year after deleting your account, unless you have received negative ratings – your data will then be retained 2 years after the last negative rating date

2.3.2. The following personal data categories may be retained for different periods of time:

  • financial data (payments, refunds) is retained as long as the accounting and tax laws in force require;
  • all user-generated content (comments or ratings) becomes anonymous, but remains valid on the DROPIO platform.

2.3.3. In case of suspended or blocked accounts, data will be retained for 2 to 10 years in order to prevent the evasion of law and mandatory rules.

  1. Personal data use

DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. will use any personal data collected form users as following:

  • in order to fulfill any obligations established between you and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. and provide accurate information and services;
  • in order to send notifications via email, text message or any other means of communication (e.g. booking confirmation);
  • in order to collect and/or transfer cost contributions;
  • in order to allow user profile customization;
  • in order to allow communication or interaction with other members regarding services, transport rides or posts on the platform;
  • in order to grant access to our support services and offer assistance if needed;
  • in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws, terms and conditions. Certain violations considered inappropriate may lead to your account being suspended;
  • in order to send you, in accordance with applicable laws and with your consent, where necessary, marketing tools and useful information for facilitating services or booking requests, to make suggestions and recommendations about services that may be of your interest or to run ads on social media platforms;
  • in order to send notifications regarding changes or updates on the platform;
  • in order to verify passport, driving license, id card details, or any other documents collected at the time of registration or when using the DROPIO platform.


  1. Who receives your personal data and for what purpose?


4.1. When using the DROPIO services, some information about you is shared with members of our communities, either on your public profile or during the booking process (e.g. we make you phone number available to members you share services with).

4.2. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. may receive and send your personal information if you use any of our operating platforms for the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy.

4.3. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. also works with third parties who may be beneficiaries of your personal data, as follows:

  • social media partners that can provide you with connection services or information from your personal profile to the DROPIO platform;
  • partners who advertise their services on the DROPIO platform and leave it to your choice to subscribe to, such as: insurance, banking or rental services;
  • partners who advertise the DROPIO services on their platforms;
  • DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. subcontractors for technical services, payment, identity verification or delivery details.

4.4. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. does not disclose any of the information or personal data provided by you to any of these third parties, except for the following:

4.4.1. When the involvement of a third party is necessary for closing agreements in order to facilitate or expand services (e.g. when DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. charges you or collects cost contributions from you in connection with any services on the platform);

4.4.2. As part of the booking process and services supply, information such as: name, photo, mobile phone number and/or email address may be displayed on the platforms and/or sent to a customer (if you are registered as a courier) or to a courier (if you are registered as a customer);

4.4.3. As part of the rating system, your ratings will pe published on the platforms. Comments that include your abbreviated name and photo are visible to all visitors on the platform;

4.4.4. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. uses analytics and search engine service providers in order to improve and optimize the platform;

4.4.5. If users expressly request it (e.g. when using social media authentication methods);

4.4.6. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. may share parts of the platform (including posted transport rides) to partner’s websites, some of your personal data being therefore displayed on these platforms;

4.4.7. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. may as well disclose your information if it’s lawfully required or in good faith, if such access, storage or disclosure is considered reasonably necessary to respond to complaints, comply with legal procedures, implement any agreement between users, such as T&C, as well as Privacy policies, in case of emergency situations involving danger of the public health, death or physical injuries, during investigations or in order to protect the rights, property and personal safety of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. or its members;

4.4.8. In case DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. buys or sells a business or asset, any personal data may be disclosed to the potential seller or buyer of such business or asset;

4.4.9. In case DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. is acquired wholly or partially, by a third party, any personal data will be therefore be transferred to the buyer.

4.5. According to the applicable laws and to your consent, when necessary, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. may classify the personal information, including Cookies received from and transmitted to its partners. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L. can use this kind of information, as well as classified information for the above-mentioned purposes.

4.6. Please note that if you decide to disclose your information, including personal data to DROPIT CENTER S.R.L throughout the connection services of its partners, any privacy policies and notifications may also be applicable to you, in addition to this Privacy Policy. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L does not control the collection and/or processing of your information made by its partners on their own platforms.


  1. How we use and moderate your messages


5.1. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may correct, scan or analyze messages between you and other members throughout the platform in order to prevent fraud, improve services, customer support, implement agreements with its members (such as: T&C). For instance, in order to avoid the online booking system, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may scan and analyze messages that have been sent through the platform to verify any related contact details or reference to other websites.

5.2. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L will never scan or analyze messages between you or other members of its community for commercial or advertising purposes. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L can use automatic methods to moderate the specific messages, without any automatic and individual decision-making processes in this regard.



  1. Ads targeted towards social media networks and communicated via email and/or text messages


According to the applicable laws and to your consent, when necessary, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may use the information provided on the platform for direct e-marketing purposes (e.g. newsletters, events invitations, or any other type of communication you may be interested in, by using ads targeted towards social media platforms or websites of third parties).


You can always withdraw your consent regarding e-marketing communication by unchecking the appropriate box within your member account, by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button or by contacting DROPIT CENTER S.R.L based on the contact details provided in Article 12, below.


As for ads or targeted content:

  • on social networks (Facebook and Twitter): you can object at any time by configuring your settings against advertising throughout social media;
  • on websites of third parties.


  1. Where and how is your personal data being transferred?


Generally speaking, the personal data collected from you is kept within the European Union (EU). However, considering the fact that some of the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L providers are located in Non-EU countries, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may transfer some of your data to third countries as well. We refer to third countries that do not provide an adequate level of protection, according to the European Commission. In such case, DROPIT CENTER S.R.L ensures that the transfer is carried out in accordance with the applicable laws, having appropriate safeguards (contractual clauses in particular, as issued by the European Commission) in order to ensure a sufficient level of protection of privacy and fundamental human rights.


  1. What are your rights regarding personal data?


8.1. You have the right to receive a copy of your personal data owned by DROPIT CENTER S.R.L (data access rights).

8.2. You can request the deletion of your personal data or correction of inaccurate personal data (deletion and rectification rights). Please note that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L may retain certain information about you, as required by law or on a legal basis (for example, the legitimate interest of DROPIT CENTER S.R.L to keep the platform safe and secure for other users).

8.3. You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes or for other reasons related to your specific situation (objection rights). Please note that the latter is only applicable if the processing of your personal data is based on the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L legitimate interest.

8.4. You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data (limitation rights). Please note that this only applies if you have challenged the information accuracy or have used your objection rights and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L verifies and analyzes, as required by the applicable law, the legitimate reasons of data processing, that may prevail over your interests, rights and freedom, that may be illegal and you object to its deletion and prefer to retain it in order to formulate, exercise or defend yourself against legal action.

8.5. You have the right to receive your personal data but DROPIT CENTER S.R.L also has the right to transfer some of your personal data to other data controllers, by processing it in order to close agreements between you and DROPIT CENTER S.R.L in a structured, commonly used and readable e-format (data portability rights).

8.6. In order to exercise your rights, please contact DROPIT CENTER S.R.L.

8.7. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority regarding relevant data protection or to seek judicial solutions in case of rights violation.


  1. Password privacy


When you need to choose a password that allows you to access the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L platform, you are responsible for keeping that password confidential. Please do not disclose your password to anyone.


  1. Links to other websites or social networks


Once in a while, the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L platform may contain links to and from websites of partner networks, advertisers and other affiliates. If you access any of these links, please be aware of their own privacy practices and keep in mind that DROPIT CENTER S.R.L does not take any responsibility or liability in this regard. Please check these policies before submitting your personal data to these websites.


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Any future changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L platform. DROPIT CENTER S.R.L will notify you or request your consent, if necessary.


  1. Contact

You can contact the DROPIT CENTER S.R.L team at any time and express your views on the privacy practices or requests regarding your personal data via:






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