What growing up in Eastern Europe taught me about the delivery business.

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For some delivery is a career.

For others, an opportunity.

I remember when I was a child and we would go visit my grandparents. My sister and I would be cramped in the back seats, surrounded by bags and gifts our parents would carry as a favour for our friends, to take to their families along our way to the North. When the car wasn’t packed with plastic raffia bags filled with food casseroles and whatnot, we would share our ride with hitchhikers. My parents would never ask for money, but they would always receive it as it was ‘the polite thing to do’. If you grew up in Eastern Europe, this story might feel familiar.

When there was no proper transport and delivery infrastructure, people made do with what they had and took advantage of every opportunity—both to send the things they needed sending and to earn some extra income. 25 years into the future (and some fancy technology developments later) this practice is known as the sharing economy.  

If you are a courier, what do you really share when you use a delivery app such as DROPio? Delivery is a service that you provide, your work and (maybe) the source of your livelihood. The shared resource, in this case, is you—the help you give by moving things from one place to another. Often, the context in which you find yourself represents the sharing (and the opportunity). Let’s take an underutilized situation—taking a trip to another town. You use gas, your car, maybe some coffee and a sandwich to fuel yourself. You spend some of your money and time, plus some natural resources. By sharing this situation, your trip, with a package that has to travel the same route, you are rewarded with a commission—someone else shares the financial burden of your trip with you. TA-DA The Sharing Economy. The more parcels you share your trips with, the more this can become a career. But the sharing economy is nothing without trust, and this is where technology and apps like DROPio come along.

With globalisation and the expansion of the informational age, communities grew and social ties stretched too thin for trust to be the default starting point. Apps act as middle parties, setting up safety systems so both participants at the end of the transaction can trust each other through the platform they use. Trust is one of the pillars DROPio was founded upon. The central role of the DROPio app is to be the trusted factor in the delivery transaction. This means that the only job the courier needs to do is deliver.

No more scrolling through Facebook groups in search of companies that need to move some merchandise. No more returning with an empty car. No more being nervous about getting paid. No more settling for crumbs, while your commission passes through several parcel brokers. DROPio connects you with the clients you need to deliver your way.   

For some, delivery is a career.

For others, an opportunity.

For those who are resourceful, it is both.


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